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We are international students.

Uppsala is home to around 200,000 people, 40,000 of whom attend Uppsala University and 40% of whom are international.

Welcome to the club.

Upcoming Events

19th September - End of Registration Period

20th September - Reccemottagning (Fresher’s Reception) & Reccegasque (Fresher’s Gasque). These occur at every nation; click here for more information.

Mid-October - International Gasque

Events will occur all of the time at the different nations. To keep up, we suggest liking their Facebook pages. The links for each nation’s official Facebook page can be found on the nation’s pages. Remember that with your nation card you can get into all of the nations pubs and clubs, and you can attend a gasque at any nation. It is suggested that you attend the Reccegasque at your own nation, as it is a chance to learn the gasque customs and these vary between nations.

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